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Pro-Selections  / FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own recipes? Yes. A good rule of thumb is to follow the recipe you have and just cook it about 1/3 the cooking time. Remember, that you can always cook it more if you need to, but you cannot "un-cook" anything.

How do I clean my Pressure Magic cooker? We find plain soap and water for general cleaning. Inside you may use a sponge "Brillo Pad", or brush. Outside DO NOT USE ANYTHING ABRASIVE as this will scratch the finish. Occasionally use a good stainless steel cleaner on the exterior to restore that "New" look.

What do I do if I burn food in the bottom of the cooker? Don’t want to work to hard. Try this to make it easier to clean. Put 2 cups of water and some dish soap in the cooker, seal and bring to pressure. Bring to pressure cook for 14 minutes, release pressure and then wash the unit. Be careful, it is still hot.

What is "Pressure Frying"? A special way to fry that produces a better, healthier fried food. This process seals the food very quickly on the outside, then, steams it on the inside. Up to 44%more moist and 40 to 70% less fat and calories. You can even be healthier by removing the skin from the chicken before frying. With pressure frying the food doesn’t dry out, like other methods.

What is "Pressure Roasting"? Any kind of meat that you can roast in your oven, you can roast under pressure in your Pressure Magic cooker. Cooks in 1/3 the time, saves time and energy. Brown and season meat in open cooker. Seal unit and bring to pressure on medium heat. (Valve will not turn because there is not enough liquid in cooker. As soon as steam escapes from the valve, reduce heat to medium low and start timing) DO NOT USE HIGH HEAT!

What is a diffuser base? To achieve the most even distribution of heat we have created a special combination of stainless steel inside and outside, with an aluminum core in the base for superior heat distribution. Safe for use on ceramic, induction, gas, or electric stoves.

What kinds of oils are best for pressure frying? We find that peanut, soy, or canola oils work best for this type of cooking. They have an ability to hold up to the higher temperatures that are needed to pressure fry.


Is my gasket broken? Probably not. The gasket is not a complete circle it is a length. If a gap forms between the ends of the gasket, it may become necessary to remove the gasket and stretch it a little. Just a little. Do not over stretch.)

My lid leaks around the rim. What do I do? Make sure the lid is centered on the pot, and not sitting too far back. The lid must sit with the rim of the base touching the gasket inside the lid in order to seal properly. Before you tighten the lid, gently jiggle the lid back and forth until it slips in place.

Check to see if the gasket has a gap. If it does, then remove it and stretch it gently. Replace it. (Make sure the ends meet)

Be sure that you turn the top knob clockwise (right) to tighten.