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Pro-Selections  / TRIAD AER
Picture of Triad Aer Professional v3
Triad Aer Professional v3
Triad Aer Air Purification Systems V3 is the ultimate in air purification for your HOME, BOAT, RV.
Picture of Mini Aer
Mini Aer
Small space air purifier. Great for use in Traveling, As well as Home, Office, RV, Hotel room, Bedroom, Salons. Spas, Bathroom and Anywhere you need better Air. Use to get rid of Nasty pet odors, Litter box odors, Cigarette, or Cigar odors.

Picture of Shield Aer - Wearable Air Protection
Shield Aer - Wearable Air Protection
Triad Aer's Shield Aer goes with you, wherever you need it! Helps you create a safer breathing space wherever you are. Even when you cannot wear your mask (like eating in a restaurant).
Picture of Triad Aer Filter
Triad Aer Filter
Three-Stage Electostatic Filter for Triad Aer
Price: $34.95
Picture of Triad Aer Purification Plate
Triad Aer Purification Plate
Generates the Scaleable Purification
Price: $24.95
Picture of Convieniace Pack Combo
Convieniace Pack Combo
Get both the Triad Aer Static Filter and Purification Plate and save Money!
Price: $55.00
Picture of Triad Aer PCO Cell
Triad Aer PCO Cell
Fits all models of Triad Aer. 
Price: $89.00