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Pro-Selections, Inc.
1125 32nd Street North
Texas City, TX 77590

Phone: (409)948-4457
Fax: (409)948-3181
Toll-free: 1-800-222-4735

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Pro-Selections Inc., the home of "Pressure Magic" amd "The RapidChef" was founded to discover and market the finest stainless steel kitchen products in the world today. The principals have more than 80 years cumulative experience in this search. To be accepted in the Pro-Selections line, a product must be judged by our panel to be the finest of its kind available in the world today. Our mission is to provide you with products that will promote a healthy and safe lifestyle and save you enough time to enjoy it, We believe that food fast is much better than fast food!
 We want to introduce you to the ultimate SuperCookers, "Pressure Magic" amd "The RapidChef", seven appliances in one. This incredible appliances will "pressure infuse" the flavors into your food, preserve your vitamins and minerals, and is still capable of preparing meals in only minutes!
With one appliance you will: 

* Pressure cook
* Pressure fry
* Pressure steam
* Pressure can
* Pressure roast
* Distill-purify water
* Have the ultimate rice cooker

The Pressure Magic and RapidChef SuperCookers are distributed nationally by Show-Me Products Inc,, a division of Pro-Selections Inc. by way of live demonstrations at home, RV, sport, boat and livestock shows as well as state and county fairs throughout the country. We are active members of the IAFE, the FMCA and the WFA.