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Picture of Triad Aer Pro v3

Triad Aer Pro v3

Your Price: $1,295.00

 Triad Aer Air Purification System is the ultimate in natural air purification for your HOME, BOAT, RV, ALL TYPES of BUSINESSES, HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS, such as DENTISTS, CHIROPRACTORS, MEDICAL PRACTICES, ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, and VETERINARY PRACTICES. Drastically improve the air you breathe.

Triad Aer Pro v3. Is a PRO ACTIVE AIR PURIFIER. and seeks out particles allergens, and pollutants wherever they live in your Home, up to 3000 sqft. Unlike Passive machines which primarily operate by trying to draw air through a filter. Consequently, Filter type models (passive machines) only work in the room they are in and means that with the filter type machines you need to buy one for every room in the house, buy new filters on a regular basis, and clean all of them every month. 

Triad Aer Pro v3. was created to take care of the WHOLE HOME (up to 3000 sqft,). For every type of home and living condition, Triad Aer  Prov3. utilizes the most advanced purification technologies available. Using a combination of Four innovative technologies, Triad Aer Pro v3. works to reduce particles and microbes in its effective radius (UP TO 3000 sqft). It is simple to use Triad Aer Pro v3. to create a healthier environment for you and your loved ones

Triad Aer Pro v3. provides the best purification using Four advanced technologies:
  • IONIZATION: It's needlepoint ionization creates a stream of negative ions that circulate through your home and cause dust, dander and other particles to clump together and fall harmlessly out of your breathing space
  • OXYDATION: Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation and works to break down odors, mold, bacteria and even viruses. This breakdown produces harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor
  • SCALEABLE PURIFICATION: Triad Aer can scale the amount of purification to cover anywhere between 250 square feet to 3000 square feet in your home or office

  • FILTRATION: The Washable Three-Stage Electrostatic filter does not need replacing (saves you money) and passively removes a wide range of particles from the breathing space and holds them until the unit is cleaned. It also keeps your Triad Aer clean and working at optimum efficiency
These machines are excellent for removing the various allergens from the indoor environment, thereby alleviating allergic reactions. ~ John E. Stauch, PHD.; Immunologist; Annandale Medical Services, Inc

We always had an odor problem at our busy veterinary hospital due to having so many animals in the building. However, after using your machines, we are pleased to report that there is no trace of odor. ~ Robert M. Byrd, D.V.M.; Hospital Director; Audubon Animal Hospital

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