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Pro-Selections  / Uses as a Pressure Fryer

Pressure Frying

Seals in the natural flavors and juices

The concept of “pressure frying” actually started with the "Kentucky Colonel". Customers had to wait 30 minutes for a batch of his famous fried chicken. At that time he cooked in a cast iron skillet. He saw a pressure cooker at a Fair in the late 1930s, and subsequently bought one of the pressure cookers and made a few adjustments. He created a way to fry chicken quickly under pressure, and came out with the best chicken he'd ever tasted. With our pressure fryer you can make your own homemade “KFC” or Broasted
älike chicken. Our unit cooks in one-quarter to one-third of traditional cooking time. This is highly an energy-efficient cooking style.

Make chicken juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside and not greasy! The PRESSURE FRYING process seals the chicken on the outside and them steams it on the inside in its own natural juices. Pressure fried chicken has a "crispy, nutty golden brown coating"... tender and juicy deep down to the bone. Also, pressure fried potatoes (aka MOJO’s) taste like baked potatoes on the inside and french fries on the outside. Pressure fry anything that you would deep fry including fish, vegetables, and meats.  DO NOT PRESSURE FRY IN A REGULAR PRESSURE COOKER!!! USE ONLY THE SUPERCOOKERS of RapidChef or Pressure Magic.



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